On 16 October 1977 Amy Cowan was born. At 4 she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, which meant that her life was mapped out, with cures, antibiotics and continuous care to manage this condition. She defied all doctors' initial predictions, by living the life of a normal teenager, she went to school, she was always really clever, left things to the last minute but managed to excel herself all the same. Amy went to university, moving away from the protection of her home, her parents, and making lots of friends, adamant she would go through university with grind, strength, and passion. She studied architecture, and everyday she showed her natural predisposition and gift for all that is design, art and form. She excelled in her studies graduating with top marks, putting to shame many other people who worked hard but who just would not manage to reach the same standards. She deserved her marks fully. Amy worked, year after year, in various architecture offices, completing projects and winning awards, she went out, partied, met people, had fun, danced, loved music, loved crap tv and trashy magazines, and did all that a regular twenty-something does, and even better. She had the memory of an elephant, she knew a lot, but never belittled people or disregarded their feelings, in fact strangely enough, she was always somewhat not very confident in her capabilities, maybe because she had been let down a few times both by employers, or by a boyfriend or two, and she did not always make herself justice. Or maybe this was because she did not have a bad bone in her body, and had always felt that whatever of this life we have to live on earth, we have to live it happily, and kindly and respecting all those around us, so she would not take herself and her knowledge for granted and looked always for more answers.  Amy was adaptable, was curious, and adventurer at heart. Had she not been sometimes slowed down by the CF, she would have climbed mountains, trekked deserts and swam oceans. She had a thirst for knowledge that made her always say yes to every adventure she could manage. She was never still. The only time she would stop, was when her health put her down and she had to take a break. But she was stubborn, and so at the first opportunity she would be active again. Amy was stylish, no matter what the occasion, it could be a party, a work's do, Carnival or a hen do. Amy. Never. Looked. Bad. It's hard to know how she did it. She managed to look effortlessly trendy, subtly elegant, easily cool. It was always good to be out with Amy, whether at the Conway pub for a pint, or at a photography exhibition. She loved walking, getting to know places, so long as there were frequent stops to cafes for a drink, and maybe some chips. Amy was green, she believed in the value of preserving what's around us, she loved animals, maybe because she trusted in the power of nature, and believed that animals cannot hurt anyone, she loved her cat, and loved lounging in the sun of her back yard, while Archie roamed around the bluebells and the daffodils. Amy put the time into the little things, she observed, she photographed, everyday she would find amazement in little details, like snail trails on her wall, or a ladybird on a leaf, she was a grown up, but with the mind of a child who was discovering things every day for the first time. She was adorable with all kids, easily able to create activities that would entertain them, whispering gentle words of support and encouragement to create, draw, make... That was all that Amy was, and more. She was THE best friend, she was a loyal friend, didn't have a bad word to say about anyone, if you were worried, she'd worry for you, if you laughed, she laughed with you, if you were down, she always found the words to make you feel better, she was ALWAYS there, and she was able to be funny and lighthearted as well as serious and understanding. Amy was a flirt, but she was shy, sometimes being very direct with someone who approached her, sometimes being aloof because she did not know what to say, but in all occasions she was elegant, witty, sweet and never, EVER, despondent or upset with her friends for petty reasons. Amy was always ready to welcome new people into her life, and she had a little space in her heart for everyone. She will be very very missed.