Sally and Cam (Australia)

We were very fortunate to have travelled with Amy in Central America and then again for Cat’s wedding in Sicily.
Both trips were incredibly uplifting in terms of locations and company.
Two of our favourite memories. 1) Dancing like maniacs in the late afternoon sun at a beachside bar in Belize, after drinking bright green cocktails. We were drunk on the unknown spirits but also this amazing time in our lives and the friendships we had made.
2) Bumping into Amy in a town square a couple of days before Cat and Greg’s wedding. The excitement was palpable and seeing an old friend in such a place was so exciting! Amy was so thrilled for Cat and of course the wedding celebration was an incredible time.
Being able to witness Cat and Amy partying with some of their old friends was so lovely.
I was pregnant with our first child at the time and Amy has always commented on and supported any news and photos we post of our family and lives as the years have gone on.
We are so saddened to hear of her loss but so grateful to have shared two of our favourite travel experiences ever with such a wonderful caring, intelligent and fun person.
We will mix up something green tonight and give thanks for those moments. X Sal and Cam (Australia)